What we Do: 


We are licensed Realtors in the state of Texas, primarily serving the Grand Prairie, Arlington and Fort Worth community. 


For buyers, we provide access to homes as well as insights into the home buying process. We guide buyers through the process and become somewhat of a third person providing a wider view of the transaction. Buying a home is not something that is done very often and buyers need the experience of a Realtor to help them make an informed decision.  


For Seller, we provide the correct marketing strategy to sell their home in the most effective way. We provide a market analysis and guide sellers through the process. From a home staging consultation to setting up showings, we are a turnkey operation that takes the weight off the seller’s shoulders. 



How we Do it:


By taking a “service first” approach to real estate, we can serve our clients in the most truthful and upfront manner possible. We believe that our success has come from all the repeat clients we’ve had In these last few years. When you see people as more than a transaction or a paycheck, you are able to provide the best service possible. We don’t ever want someone to feel like we “sold” them on a house. We want them to feel that we provided a clear understanding of the process and weren’t ever pushy. This is how we do it. It’s really that simple. Help people reach their goal, either buying a home or selling a home. 


Trisha Peña


“Albert was incredible to work with! He gave us great tips on staging our Grand Prairie house to sell. We received an offer from the first open house, after only two days on the market! Very professional, yet personable. We will definitely be working with him again and again!”




Every home is different 


The approach we take to marketing your home for sale depends on two main things: you and your home. 


The condition of the home is going to be a huge marketing point. Some people are in desperate situations and need to sell their home fast while others are selling their first home and upgrading to a dream home. 


The first step that we take is we closely analysis the immediate area and determine the market value of the subject property. Most of the time we can see eye to eye with the client regarding price. In some cases we might have a different opinion on price. Regardless of the situation, we want the seller to feel 100 percent confident in their decision to work with us. 


Once we’ve established the sales price, we can begin by providing a staging consultation. This will allow the seller to use their existing furniture and decorations to properly stage the home without a huge added fee. Sometimes it’s more about what is removed from a home than it is about new pieces of furniture.  





We know home to market homes for sale. We specialize in buyer/seller situations where a seller must sell in order to purchase a home. 


Another specialization is Veteran purchases. We have a VA specialist that is also an Army veteran. He is passionate about helping people active or inactive duty. We honor veterans and believe in supporting Veteran run businesses as well. 



Our Why:


It’s simple: family is our “why”.  Providing a stable home for your family is your main goal and we are no different. We aim to build our business through excellent service and honesty throughout the process. 



The areas we Serve: 


            We serve a wide range of cities, but we are based in Grand Prairie, TX. We sell in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, Red Oak, Waxahachie, Midlothian and some surrounding areas. 



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