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Albert GArcia, Realtor

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Before entering the Real Estate world as a Realtor in Grand Prairie, Texas, Albert began working in the automotive industry and managed 2 paint and body shops as well as operating as a service advisor for a large shop for several years. By emulating veteran service advisors’ techniques, he climbed to the top of customer index polls for months at a time. During those years, his clients affirmed his ability to effectively communicate every part of the process— something he continues to do with clients today that are selling their home. 



Albert then moved on to becoming a producer with a local production company. His ability to mastermind the marketing and oversee production enhanced his understanding of how a home should be marketed, and enriched his ability to guide clients through the home buying and selling process. While other agents will take pictures with their phone camera, he understands the importance of professional photography and proper marketing. 

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If you would like to read what Albert's clients have said about him, Click here to read all the wonderful reviews. 



Today, a combination of marketing savvy, great listening skills and his genuine passion to help people has kept his Real Estate career at Remax in Grand Prairie on a reputable growth trajectory. From winning Rookie of The Year his first year in the business, to being a Top Producer in his office, Albert has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to thrive as a local Realtor. He's developed his success by always providing the same great service for each and every person. He is fortunate to have such remarkable clients who continually refer him to others. Other than his wife and 4 children, Albert prides himself on the fact that through this personal journey his clients end up becoming long term clients.



"I had my first client on my first day and my first listing on day 14. In a market where 90 percent of new agents fail, I found myself succeeding. It was by God's grace and because of the wonderful people that choose to trust me with their real estate transaction" -Albert Garcia 

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If you would like to read what Albert's clients have said about him, Click here to read all the wonderful reviews. 


Below, Albert shares a recent blog about 3 things that The Garcia Team at Remax does differently to sell your home. 


Written by Albert Garcia, Remax Realtor



Dwelling, Domicile or Abode… 

Whatever you call it, there is someone looking to buy it and I can sell it.  


I often get asked to come by a home and give my opinion on what it takes to sell your home fast.  I’ve narrowed it down to three things that I believe are essential. 



I often show beautiful homes to my buyers and without exception, most of them get sidetracked by the family photos hanging on the walls. I mean, who wouldn’t? Baby Johnny inside a basket beside the bluebonnets…adorable, but also distracting.


Why do I bring up this point? It's because a de-personalized home will keep buyer’s attention and that’s exactly what we want. 


They may have 5 homes to see that day. We don’t want them to spend a lot of time checking out your beautiful family photos and brainstorming about their next family gathering. Rather, we want them focused on the trim and the crown molding. Their eyes should be envisioning all their new furniture in the spacious living room. 


That brings up the topic of getting your home ready to sell. 



Staging is usually reserved for listings over $500k, but I found a way to offer this type of service to any seller that wants the help. I actually do a run through with my sellers and I'm honest and upfront of potential issues and staging recommendations. 


The level of staging required is really up to the seller. Ultimately, it’s your decision. My job is to assist you with the most up to date information to help you stage your home using the furniture you already own. You would be surprised once you get the creative juices flowing. 




 One of the easiest, yet under-utilized tools is home photography. The art of capturing images is a skill and requires a good eye. Furthermore, a photographer has to know how to balance light and shoot the right angles. The majority of people don’t possess this talent, but the same people believe that they do. 


Just look through the MLS or your favorite real estate website and it will become incredibility clear that some people actually shoot listing photos themselves…with a phone.


I’m pretty good with a camera, but not good enough to say I’m a professional photographer. I’m a professional listing agent. I know my strengths as well as my limitations. I hire a photographer. Simple as that. Leave it to the pros. Excuse my rant, but this is unacceptable. 



 I’m often asked legal questions about real estate. What do I know about law? I’m just a marketer. That’s all. I’m a master marketer of real estate. With many ways to bring attention to a home for sale, I’m still amazed that Realtors only use the MLS. Quick Disclaimer: the Multiple Listing Service is still the single most powerful tool we have to market real estate. I don’t want to take away from its importance, however it is based on filters.


What I mean is that potential buyers only see properties within their strict criteria. For instance, they want a 4 bedroom home under $350K in Grand Prairie. A home that is priced at $351K will not show up on their listing results.


By using social media, I target prospective buyers that may not ever see that your house is for sale. Some Realtors say that this is overkill and not necessary in our dynamic market here. I’d ask, “Do you think we should do only what’s necessary or should we do everything within the scope of marketing”?



The answer is simple. Saturate the market. I’ve been branding myself and my client’s properties on social media for many years now. People notice. The fact that you landed on my website is proof that I know how to get in front of people. I’d love the opportunity to sell your home. 


If you would like to read what Albert's clients have said about him, Click here to read all the wonderful reviews. 

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