Before we know it we’ve run out of hours in a day! If you’re like me, chances are you’ve been too busy to take care of a few (or a lot of) things around the house.


As a Realtor in Grand Prairie, I wanted to come come with a good list of practical things the average homeowner could use. I searched high and low for some of the easiest, most time-saving maintenance hacks, tried them and compiled a list of my top 10 favorites!


1.  Faucets

Recover that powerful pressure once again by finally getting rid of all the muck that it’s collected. Grab a plastic bag and pour some white vinegar inside of it enough to fully immerse your sink faucets or shower head. Wrap the bag around it with a rubber band and let it soak about 30 minutes. This will help remove those persistent mineral deposits. Just make sure that once you remove the bag you wipe it down as to not get any vinegar in your eyes or on your skin. We get pretty good water pressure in Grand Prairie, so if you have a pressure issue with more than one faucet, you might have a bigger issue that a plumber should look at.  

2.  Vent Hood Filters

Keeping up with the cleanliness of a vent hood filter can be a huge pain! Cut out some work by simply soaking it in the sink with some hot and soapy water and use a scrub brush to loosen the grime. Voilà!


3.  Carpet Dents

Carpet dents seem like they last forever. One easy way to get rid of those dents is by laying a moist washcloth over the dent then steaming it with your clothing iron. This works on almost all carpet types. Side note: if you have carpet in the bathroom, you should consider stripping it out and adding tile floors. I see time in the bathroom more in the Arlington area, but I have seen a couple homes in South Grand Prairie with a well worn carpet in the bathroom. 


4.  Chipped Windows

This is one thing you definitely don’t want to go too long without replacing. To temporarily fill small chips, use a bit of clear nail polish on your window. 


5.  TLC for the HVAC

Extend the life of your heating and cooling system by cleaning the condensate drain line. Pour a solution of 1 cup bleach and 3 cups water down the tube every three months to keep it algae-free. 

6.  Ceiling Fans

The simplest yet most messy things to clean! To make cleaning easy, try using a pillow case. Cover each blade one at a time with a pillow case and wipe it towards you. This will keep all of the dust inside and keep you from covering your furniture or sheets in dust.


7.  Stove Cleaning

An easy trick to save yourself from all of the hard scrubbing is to preheat your oven to 150°F. On the top rack, place a bowl of ammoniaand place a pot of boiling water. Your spine will thank you for this


8.  Window Blinds

Your tongs are your greatest weapon when combating all the dust stuck on your blinds. Wrap a washcloth around each tip and secure them with a rubber band. Squeeze the tongs and trap the dust on your blinds on both sides. No more Swiffer Duster needed!


9.  Crown Molding

Overcome those hard to reach places by tying a towel on the end of a long broom. A few minutes of this and you’re done. Cobwebs tend to lead the buyer to believe the whole home is a mess. Simple fix. 


10. Dishwasher

Keep your dishwasher from collecting iron stains and lime deposits with lemon-flavored Kool-Aid. The citric acid will break all of that down. 


Do yourself a favor and try some of these hacks out to save yourself time and money.  Keep up the great work and Spring cleaning won’t have anything on you!



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