Choosing a listing agent in Grand Prairie 



Are they Reliable 

            Sounds like a no-brainer, but it starts with the first phone call. Did they answer or even call you back? Believe it or not, this is a good indicator or how the transaction will go. I’ve earned business by answering my phone and calling back. I recently went on a listing appointment where I was basically hired because I showed up. The other agent they were going to hire never showed. How crazy is that? I’m always perplexed by realtors that don’t answer or call back. The first lesson I teach new agents at Remax in Grand Prairie is to answer the phone (or call back)... but for real. It's important. 




            Most agents will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA.  Did you know that some agents use an auto-generated CMA? I really don’t get that. What I do is start with the direct area and work out from there. I actually take several hours to complete my analysis. In some cases there are a lot of factors to consider. Is it by a golf course? Does it have a pool? Has anything else similar sold recently? Grand Prairie is diverse. You need the best local numbers. 

            You really can’t compare a one story to a two-story home. Most agents would know that, but there are a few out there trying to get by without really knowing what they are doing when it comes to setting up a sales price for the home. That’s a huge mistake an t can cost you thousands. 


Are they local? 

            Should you pick a local Realtor that’s near you? In the age of information, this question is arguable. Being a local realtor in GP, I think its super convenient to be able to tell a client about the new Ikea and the new Epic water park. I would assume that most people would prefer to work with somebody that has an office near the area they want to buy a sell a home. 

This is exactly why I choose to work at Remax Pinnacle in Grand Prairie, because I wanted to stay local. Honestly, I didn’t want to have a two hour drive to list a property in an area that I really didn’t know much about.  



   Are they Friendly? 

            I learned that when you meet a jerk, they are usually accompanied by other jerks. It’s funny, but true. Think about that guy in high school that gave everybody a hard time. Wasn’t he always surrounded by others just like him? Things don’t really change much. I joke around and say that our industry has profession realtors and professional Real turds. 

            Trusting and actually liking the person that will sell your home is a must. If you find them abrasive, chances are others do also. You don’t want a combative situation when selling your Grand Prairie home. 



           What are people saying about them? Nowadays most people research to get ahead of the game and pick somebody that matches their situation best. Please feel free to read our reviews and get an idea of who we are. Read our Reviews here



            Picking a Listing Agent is kind of like buying a car. If you are in desperate need of a car, you’ll get the first one that runs. Listing your home is a big deal. It’s probably the biggest transaction that most people are involved in. Take your time and pick the best one. Call us!