When I first arrived in the DFW area I tried hard to find cool things to do that wouldn't break the bank. It was 1998 and my internet skills were non-existent. Actually, the internet wasn't even close to what it is now. Geez, I printed off a Map every time I went somewhere. Here's a list of things I found throughout the last 20 years. 

Cedar Ridge Preserve is by far one of the closest places around Grand Prairie. It's actually in the Cedar Hill/Dallas area. You'll have two trails to choose from. The long trail is a loop and have a couple of harder parts. It's a nice hike. 

The short trail is well...short. I refused to take that hike for a couple of months. That was a big mistake. Once I finally decided to hike it, I realized I had misjudged. There was a small picturesque pond that will no doubt bring a sense that you are not in the metroplex anymore. 

Best part...It's free! Well kind of. There is a small donation box at the trailhead you can drop a buck in. Closed on Monday.  
7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75249


The Brass Bean in Grand Prairie is an independently owed coffee shop with lots of style. They know coffee. I love supporting places like this. If you are looking for a shop that is not so mainstream, this is the spot. They serve sandwiches and occasionally have live music. 

123 W Main St #112, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

I personally love the little town of Waxahachie. The people are kind and they like to have little festivals from time to time. One place that opened in 2018 is the White Rhino. It’s a very hip coffee shop that I know you’ll love. It’s snap dab in the middle of a residential area. The owner restored and modernized an old Victorian home and let me tell you…he outdid himself. There is also the original location in Cedar Hill and one inside of a church in Red Oak. I prefer the Waxahachie location. I included their website below:


The best taco spot
Okay, Waxahachie has my heart. Mainly because of the little taco shop that could. Two Amigos started of in a tiny location with enough from for about 12 adults. They expanded a few years later and pretty much doubled their seating. Early in 2018, the owner of Two Amigos opened up a new location that was built from scratch. It’s the best Tex-Mex around. Seriously. You can trust me. You should trust me. 

Two Amigos
241 S. Monroe Street
Waxahachie, TX 

Mountain Biking 
A great place to Mountain bike is Cedar Hill State Park. The switchbacks in the trails will have your heart pumping. I would say the trail at Cedar Hill is for beginners to Mid level riders. Cost is $7 for the day or you can get a yearly membership that gets you into any Texas state park. Call and check the trails beforehand. Especially after rain. 972-291-3900 

Another great off road trail close to Grand Prairie is Bolder Park. The entrance is free, but make sure you have nothing of value in your vehicle. You basically park on the street and you park at your own risk. Don’t do this ride alone. Go with a friend and give yourself plenty of daylight. I would say the trails at Bolder are more mid-level to expert rides, although there is a beginner trail that you might choose to ride first. 

Bolder park 
6600 Pastor Bailey
Dallas, TX 75237 

Cedar Hill State Park 
1570 N. Cedar Hill Rd. 
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

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Fresh produce

So the Farmers Market in Grand Prairie isn't huge at all, but you should stop by and grab some fresh fruit and veggies. Once in a while they have live music from local artists. I stop by a couple times a year. 


The Dallas farmers market is a little more time consuming. I always bring cash because not all the vendors have card readers. They have great indoor restaurant in the food court area and you always get a few free samples. Parking is not free, unless you park super far. Make sure you take a picture of your license plate, because you will need it to check in at the payment kiosk if you park at the main parking lot. 


More to come

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