Don’t settle


Chances are you have the perfect home in mind. You’ve spent countless hours searching through listings and now have built an idea of what you want in your next home. You know that you want Mansfield schools, but close to the highways. You know you want an open concept and no popcorn ceilings. Some people would call you picky, but we say you know exactly what you want. That’s a great thing! It’s also okay if that idea evolves. 


I often give our clients a little speech about not settling for something that doesn’t give them that warm and fuzzy feeling. If you need to convince yourself that a house can work for you, chances ae you won’t be happy with your choice. You really need to love the home and see yourself in it for at least a few years. Only make offers on homes they love. You would be surprised how many people get tired of looking for the right home and start making offers on houses they don’t absolutely love. Guess what? Sometimes their offer gets accepted.  


Use a top real estate agent 


The biggest mistake you can make is to use an agent that doesn't sell many properties. Trust me, you will have tons of questions about the process and you need to be sure that your agent knows the answers or at least can find out quickly.  


You want an agent that has his/her pulse on the market. If they don’t know what’s happening in the market they don't know what kind of offer to write on your behalf. That can be the difference between getting the house and not getting it. A more seasoned agent will be able to help you navigate through the process and explain the ins and outs of the current housing market. 


I wrote more about this topic. You can read more about it by clicking this link


Have your financial ducks in a row 


This is probably the most repeated question Realtors ask, “have you been pre-qualified”? 


To be completely transparent, most agents ask this question so they know if they are wasting their time with an unqualified buyer. I guess I can understand this at some level, but it can almost sound offensive to most buyers. 


The reason we try to ask if you’ve been pre-qualified is because there are a lot of moving parts to the home buying process and we want you to be super informed. Many people can’t buy because they don’t have the closing costs. If you were to speak with a high-quality lender, you would find out that you can possibly use your 401K funds. 


On the other hand, you might have a small issue that you don’t even know about that could prevent you from buying unless you take care of it first. I’ve had a few situations come up on a client’s credit report that came as a surprise. In this case the buyer had to provide proof that it was fraudulent. In the end, he got his home and was glad he knew about the issue before he was in a contract. That would have been bad.  



Meet with a Local Realtor near you


            Meeting face to face with the agent you might be working with is very important since you will be working together on arguably the biggest deal most people make. Local is important when you stop and think about the details your agent may be able to share with you about the area. Also, you need to work with somebody that you actually like. Imagine being stuck with working with someone you don’t like or trust. How horrible is that? 


When I first started in this business I knew I wanted to work and serve Grand Prairie, Arlington and Fort Worth as a local Realtor. It’s worked out well and my clients appreciate the fact that I’m close by. Our main office is in Grand Prairie and we also have locations in Arlington and Fort Worth. 



Albert Garcia, The Garcia Team at Remax 


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